Prepare yourself for fun, we'll worry about the rest!

We're so much more than your regular boat rental!

Are you a brand new surfer? Seasoned boarder? Wanna chill? Hop on board, we've got you covered!

Cool! I'm ready to go, take me to sign up!

Daydreams don't include gas stations, towing and launch ramps.

Cut that out of your playtime, we'll handle it all for you!

Since I don't have to get the boat to the lake, what do we do?
We'll pick you up at the dock!
Do I have to drive the boat, make sure everyone is safe and miss out on all the action?
Nope! Our operator will handle all the safety and driving while you relax!
I don't know this boat, do I need to set it up to surf?
We know the best way to set up our boats after exhaustive testing (it's a tough job!).
I've never tried anything like this, can you teach me?
Absolutely! Instruction and even tips are included with your adventure!
What if I can't get the hang of surfing?
No problem! We have other equipment to use, we can do a gentle tube ride, or just hang out in the channel!

I still have some questions...

No problem, check our


Shells sink, dreams float. Life's good on our boat.

Overall Length

24 Feet

Number of Seats

16 + Driver


18 Total

Rockin' Beats?

10 Speakers

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Where we drop anchor and lay our heads. With over 400 miles of coastline, 60 miles of navigable waters, 300 days of sunshine and amazing sunsets, it's no wonder people call this paradise!
Not to mention we have THE London Bridge (yep, that one), miles of open desert, bike paths, shopping and restaurants/dining/bars, if you're on vacation there is something for everyone!